Breaking the taboo of Adoption

Hello everybody,

My name is Ana Lucia,  I am a 23 years old adoptee. I was born in Brazil and raised in France.  Today I am ready to face my struggles with anxiety and adoption by sharing with you my experience and the experiences of other  adoptees. That’s why I decided to make this blog. Here is the beginning of an important project for me. I hope to get enough videos and writings from adoptees around the world in order to spread the words of the adoption trauma and its daily difficulties. So please share, spread the words and don’t hesitate to contact me !




6 thoughts on “Breaking the taboo of Adoption

  1. Ana Lucia,
    You said it ALL. I see a lot of myself on you and would like to thank you for making this video. It meant a lot to me.
    I am not as young as you are, I could be your mom lol😃 I’m 42 years old. However, I still struggle with the same issues as you do. I grew up in Brazil though, moved to USA in 2002 and I can garantee you that if you were adopted by a Brazilian family and were raised in Brazil, you would feel much less comfortable on your own skin over there. That’s the worst country to grow up as an adoptee. Best of luck and again, thank you!


    1. I am glad if I can inspired anybody to share their story too. It’s very important that people learn about the reality of adoption. I am actually a bit busy with my life right now buthopefully I will be able to update the blog very soon.


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